Focus on the value chain

Lines of research


Sustainability and



We work to develop solutions that allow the production of safe, quality food in a more efficient and sustainable way, reducing the consumption of resources and optimizing costs. Aware of the importance of the circular economy, we are committed to the full use of by-products, always looking for added value for both the industry and the consumer.

Nutrition and



We support the industrial sector in the development of safe, healthy food through the reformulation of products, the development of functional foods aimed at specific population groups and the design of new food concepts. A in-depth study of the interactions that occur in the matrix permits us to do so by means of a comprehensive approach, one that considers not only the ingredients to be used, but also the processes to which the food is subjected (from the field to the table), the consumer preferences and the bioaccessibility and bioavailability in the digestive system.

Food Quality and



We investigate the means of providing fast and efficient solutions for quality control and food safety in both process and product. From advanced analytical techniques for the detection of fraud and adulteration, to the use of photonic technology to interpret the reactions that take place in biological systems and develop rapid and non-destructive solutions. We study the effect of food transformation processes and use engineering to modify them in order to reduce the formation of compounds that alter the quality and safety of final and intermediate products. As regards packaging, we develop solutions that extend the shelf life using, if possible, biodegradable and renewable materials.