Biodegradable packaging

Both society and industry demand biodegradable packaging materials that are not only environmentally friendly but can also guarantee the shelf life of food in an adequate and affordable way.

We seek solutions for both the primary sector and the food industry, among which we highlight:

  • ✓ The obtaining of packaging materials from the fermentation of plant residues, such as PLA.
  • ✓ Multilayer materials with PLA, PHBV, PCL, TPS, PVA, etc. These types of materials complement its properties and produce synergies.
  • ✓ Biodegradable and active packaging materials, which provide added functionality.
  • ✓ 100% biodegradable padded plastics for application in primary production.
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Active edible food coatings

Edible coatings are used in a wide range of products in order to extend the shelf life of food.

We develop and characterize active edible coatings using natural compounds with antimicrobial and/or antioxidant activity in order to increase the quality and safety of food.

These products can be applied both on the packaging and directly on the food. Some of the examples we work with are:

  • ✓ Application tests on vegetables and fruits, such as oranges, grapes, cut carrots and strawberries.
  • ✓ Application tests on cheeses and meat products.
  • ✓ Coatings applied on packaging materials in order to provide a good barrier to gases, such as oxygen, or as an antimicrobial and/or antioxidant material.
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Encapsulation of bioactive compounds

The encapsulation of active substances permits their protection and release under certain conditions or within certain time spans.

We handle a wide variety of encapsulation technologies (lyophilization, atomization, electrospinning, liposomes, etc.) that we use according to the active substance, the matrix, the process and the objective pursued.

These types of technologies allow for:

  • ✓ The encapsulation of active compounds, microorganisms, etc. improving their performance and efficiency.
  • ✓ A wide variety of applications: organoleptic, nutritional quality, food safety, increased shelf life, etc.
  • ✓ Applications in packaging or products.
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