Product Development

Food reformulation to improve your nutritional profile

The excessive consumption of certain habitual compounds in our diet has health risks. Both society and industry demand food with a healthier nutritional profile, something which can be achieved through the reformulation of products and/or processes.

For this purpose, we use different strategies:

  • ✓ The replacement of traditional sugars with alternative low glycaemic and non-cariogenic sweeteners.
  • ✓ The substitution of conventional fats with healthier fats.
  • ✓ Enrichment in fibres of natural origin, seeds and pseudocereals, etc.
  • ✓ The use of vegetable or animal flours that provide a nutritional or functional improvement to processed products.
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IV range of fruits and vegetables

There is an increase in the variety of IV range product on the market. Aware of this fact, we are working on extending the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables and offering these products in new formats without negatively affecting their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. To do this:

  • ✓ We study the optimal storage conditions in the chamber.
  • ✓ We optimize the conditions and packaging material in equilibrium atmospheres.
  • ✓ We study consumer perception regarding the quality of fruits and vegetables.

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Development of new products

Companies are continually working on the development of new food concepts in line with market demand. Joint work with researchers has traditionally resulted in successful solutions. Some examples of them are:

  • ✓ The development and characterization of fermented vegetable drinks and beverages based on nuts and cereals with probiotic properties.
  • ✓ The development of products that are either honey-based or have added hive derivatives, such as pollen and royal jelly (patent in use).
  • ✓ A cod desalination and conservation process (patent in use).

Functional Food Development

The formulation of foods that incorporate compounds that are beneficial to health, generally aimed at population groups with specific needs.

We have experience in the incorporation of antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics, among other bioactive compounds. To this end:

  • ✓ We study the structure and composition of the food to be enriched, as well as its possible interactions with the ingredient.
  • ✓ We use different technologies to incorporate the desired compounds based on matrix and process (encapsulation, vacuum impregnation, high pressures, etc.).
  • ✓ We study the in vitro digestibility of formulated foods and incorporated bioactive compounds.
  • ✓ We study the shelf life of products, as well as the functionality of bioactive compounds over time.
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