Valorisation of By-products

Obtaining ingredients from by-products

Agri-food by-products are a powerful source of ingredients and value-added compounds.

With proper treatment, bioactive compounds can be obtained from waste and vegetable by-products.

To do this, we address different stages of recovery with a wide variety of processes:

  • ✓ Stabilization of by-products in order to preserve the intrinsic quality of its components and facilitate storage and management.
  • ✓ Extraction and purification of compounds of interest.
  • ✓ Transformation of the compounds obtained using fermentation technologies, chemical hydrolysis, enzymatic hydrolysis, etc.
  • ✓ Incorporation of compounds in food matrices.

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Biofuels from agroindustry waste

Biofuels obtained from agroindustry waste are a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, also contributing to the recovery of such waste. However, the conversion of residual biomass into biofuel has limitations on which we work to provide solutions.

To do this, we delve deeper into processes, such as fermentation and saccharification, studying from the hydrolytic action of enzymes on biomass to the combination of saccharification and fermentation operations either consecutively or simultaneously. We also work on improving the digestibility of lignocellulosic residual biomass through physical pre-treatments, such as microwaves and chemicals, in addition to the combination of both.

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Brine and wastewater management

The adequate treatment of industrial wastewater permits the recovery of water resources, favouring the sustainability and efficiency of resources. In addition, it facilitates the recovery of suspended waste, creating an opportunity for business competitiveness.

As an example, applying membrane technologies and taking advantage of the brine obtained after the desalination process of seawater, we have developed a project to eliminate water in juices with the aim of avoiding thermal treatments, obtaining a concentrated juice with higher organoleptic quality and lower energy expenditure.

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