• Jan15


    MyCyFapp: From the IIAD we are pleased to announce that the first clinical trials in patients will begin this January. Find Out More.


  • Oct19


    MyCyFapp Newsletter: Progress mid-term evaluation. Find Out More.

  • Jun29

    Technical Conference on Improvement of Quality and Productivity in Frying Processes

    On Tuesday, June 27, the Technical Day of Improvement of Quality and Productivity in Frying Processes took place at FEDACOVA's facilities. The meeting was attended by Ana Andrés, Director of IIAD. Find Out More.

  • Jun22

    Diploma Extensión Universitaria en Tecnología de Alimentos

    The pre-registration for the new edition of DEUTA 17/18 begins on July 1st, which will begin in the middle of September. Find Out More.

  • Jun22

    Technical Conference on Improvement of Quality and Productivity in Frying Processes

    Next June 27th will take place the celebration of a Technical Conference on Quality Improvement and Productivity in Frying Processes, organized by FEDACOVA in collaboration with the Research Institute of Food Engineering for Development (IIAD) at the UPV. The attendance is free but it requires telematic registration. The link to the registration is available at the following link. Find Out More.

  • May22


    MyCyFapp: The work presented by Joaquin Calvo about MyCyFapp project obtains the award of "Poster of Distinction" at the "50th ESPGHAN Annual Meeting" celebrated in Prague during the 10-13 May 2017. The results presented by the IIAD, consist in developing a scientific model to adjust the optimal dose of an enzymatic supplement with different foods. Find Out More & Poster.

  • May3


    MyCyFapp Newsletter: Progress mid-term evaluation. Find Out More.

  • Mar29

    Towards healthy and sustainable breakfasts

    Researchers from the Institute of Food Engineering for Development, along with other research structures, participate in the project HEFESTO, funded by MINECO. This project aims to make a qualitative leap in the application of microwaves, to reduce consumption and processing times in the food industry and specifically in the breakfast sector.Find Out More.

  • Mar20

    Dialogs on nutrition and sustainable food systems

    During the next 20 and 21 April the Symposium "Dialogues on nutrition and sustainable food systems" will take place at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, at the "Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica y del Medio Natural" (Building 3P). This Symposium will facilitate a communication space between actors to promote sustainable agro-food systems, preserve biodiversity, and mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. Find Out More y Flyer.

  • Mar20

    Active bioplastics

    Researchers from the Institute of Food Engineering for Development, in collaboration with the "Universitat de València", Anecoop, Nurel, the farmers associations AVA-ASAJA and "La Unió de Llauradors and Ramaders", participate in a European project funded by the Climate-KIC. The objective of this project is to analyze the use in agriculture of new biodegradable plastics with active components that make them more competitive in the market and allow an optimum growth of the crops. Find Out More.

  • Jan26


    Researchers from the Institute of Food Engineering for Development, in collaboration with the Institute of Health Research La Fe (IIS La Fe), the University Institute of Information Technology and Communications (ITACA-UPV), and experts from 6 other European countries, have presented the latest results of the MyCyFapp project at the Polytechnic City of Innovation (CPI-UPV). The aim of the project is to contribute to improving the quality of life of children and young people, aged between 2 and 17 years, affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Find Out more 1 and 2.


  • Sep5

    Nutritional Benefits

    The IIAD obtains pasta, cookies and bread enriched in fiber substituting totally or partially the wheat by nutsedge flour. Find Out More.

  • Jul1

    I Research Event in Science and Food Technology

    Next 1st July it will take place, between 12h and 14h at the Degrees Room in the 3P building, the I Research Event in Science and Food Technology. This event aims to communicate the work that is being carried out in our and other laboratories of the Institute and thus to enhance and promote the establisment of new and future partnerships. Members of each research group (Professors, PhDs and Master Students) will present their work through a presentation of maximum 5 minutes.

  • May19

    Graduation of Master Students

    On 19th May it will be held the graduation ceremony of students from the Master's Degree in Science and Food Engineering and Master's Degree in Security Management and Food Quality. The event will take place at 17h at the Blue Cube of the Polytechnic City of Innovation. It will count with Ms. Nuria Martin Arribas, General Secretariat of the Technology Platform 'Food For Life-Spain', as our distinguished guest. She will be holding a conference on "The Importance of Innovoation in the Agri-Food Sector". Looking forward to seeing you there.

  • Apr27

    Alimentaria 2016

    The IIAD will be present in Alimentaria 2016, the annual food fair hold in Barcelona from the 25th to the 28th of April. Find Out More.

  • Abr26

    Biological control of grape crops

    The IIAD-UPV has obtained a novel formulation that protects grapes against the rot by 'Botrytis cinerea'. Find Out More.

  • Mar4

    BBI-JU Match Making Event

    The IIAD participates in the Match Making Event organised by the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU), where the requirements for the next H2020 public call will be explained. Find Out More.

  • Jan20

    Bri4food Project

    The IIAD leads the Bri4food project, funded by the Climate KIC, to study the feasability of the application of brines in the juice industry Find Out More.