Partnerships with companies

Sustainable and Efficient Food Industries

  • Biodegradable active materials for food packaging
  • Formulation of bioactive products in polymer matrices
  • Active coatings to extend the shelf-life of perishable foods
  • Applications of microwave technology and high power ultrasound
  • Persimmon crop valorization
  • Bioethanol production from citrus surplus and waste
  • Environmental management in the food industry
  • Enology

Novel Foods, Nutrition and Health

  • Food Digestion & Health: in vitro studies
  • Probiotic fermented products from vegetable milks
  • Acrylamide reduction strategies for fried, baked and toasted foods
  • Encapsulation of bioactive compounds of functional interest
  • Functional foods
  • Use of unconventional flour in pasta, bread and biscuits

Food Quality and Safety

  • Quality of Honey and bee products
  • Online classification and control systems
  • Sensors and smart labelling